Welcome to the pro version of Social Whispers

"The ultimate referral marketing platform."

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The simple system of reward driven, crowd powered marketing made possible by social networking can be utilised easily.

The benefits

The potential for different uses is endless.
You can potentially create viral marketing campaigns.
You can collect a mailing list along the way. This is also optional.
Low cost, unlike printing, plus it's more eco-friendly.

The Features

  • Unlimited buttons
  • Edit buttons
  • Instantly downloadable mailing list
  • Live statistics
  • Optional mailing list
  • Url shortening is automated
  • Example Usage

    Club X have decided to give out exclusive half price tickets for a big night on Wednesday to people who already love their club. They set-up their button on Social Whispers Pro and share their link with their fans. Their fans then post a message on their facebook and twitter pages automatically and sign up to a optional mailing list in return for being offered the half price tickets. Their friends can now see this great offer and gain awareness of the night and can also get this great offer.